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GAlaxy photometric redshifts (Z) and physical PARameters

GAZPAR is a service offered to the community to help in measuring galaxy photometric redshifts and physical parameters.

Our public codes

This service relies on two public codes that we developped, maintain and support: Le Phare and CIGALE. These codes are based on SED (Spectral Energy Distribution) fitting techniques applied to multi-color imaging data ranging from the UV to IR.

The interface

Upload your own catalogue and we will compute the photometric redshifts or the physical parameters for you !

You provide us a multi-color catalogue and a short description of your project. We send you back:

  • an output file with the photometric redshifts and/or the physical parameters,
  • the configuration files that we will customize to fit your scientific objectives,
  • diagnostics and a feedback.

Who are we?

We are several astronomers from the LAM (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille)/ Institut Pytheas in charge of

  • maintaining the public codes Le Phare and CIGALE
  • running the codes on your own catalogue

as well as several members from the CeSAM data center in charge of developping the interface. More details ...

Contact us

For specific questions related to GAZPAR, contact : gazpar [at]


If your work uses this service, please add the following acknowledgement:

"This work is based (in part) on data products produced by GAZPAR located at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille."


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